Archos Touchscreen Calibration Workaround for Archos 101

The Archos 101 has a crappy touch screen, as all the owners of this device already know. Most of the other problems could be fixed using a custom rom like urukdroid. But the touchscreen has been bugging me for the past year now: the touchscreen sometimes just acts weird (wild and random clicks, or almost no reaction), until it is “recalibrated”. No wonder, since it is a cheap USB touch screen “UNITEC USB Touch (Win7)”, probably made for windows 7 netbooks. Since the recalibration is hidden deep in the android settings, but needs regular access, I wrote a simple app as a “shortcut” to it. You can find the app download link at the end of the article.

My App Archos Touchscreen Calibration simply calls the same linux binary as the settings menu does. It can be used as a widget or as a normal app, just as you like.

To develope it, I simply fired up adb (UrukDroid doesn’t support adb over USB right now, so I’m using ADB wireless, which also means that I have less cables around me, which I find even better)

Now, I could see all the things, that the Tablet logs right now. So I just went inside the the “Settings” menu, chose “Repair & Formatting” and then “Touch screen calibration”. And this was the output:

As you can see, all this command does, is calling /usr/bin/usb_ts_calib. And thats just what my little app does. In terms of Java that is:

But since this process needs root priviledges, I decided to implement a little workaround for those, who haven’t yet rooted their devices. If the tablet is not rooted, my application will simply call the activity (and the corresponding component), which is the last screen inside the settings. On that screen you still have to click the “Calibrate the Touch Screen” button, but it is still little faster to get there than through the settings menu.

I’m planning to extend the app, so that the calibration can also be triggered from the notifications bar in the future.

You can download the APK right here, but I will also put it up in the market, as soon as my developer account is activated. But please note, that the app works best with root priviledges.

Download: ArchosTouchscreenCalibration.apk

I only tested it with my Archos 101, but it should work for every Archos GEN8 device with a capacitive touch screen.

6 thoughts on “Archos Touchscreen Calibration Workaround for Archos 101

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  2. Hi, i found your app and i want try it because, it says calibration failed. I have a 101g9 with root. When the message came, one second after the error message came the “granted su message”. My tablet is already rooted and it runs ics 4.0.5

    I hope for an update. 🙂 thank you!

  3. Hi I keep getting message “unfortunately Arch touchscreen calibration has stopped”

    Archos 101g9 not rooted. Any suggestions please


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