This is a mirror of our wiki pages on github. Please feel free to edit and contribute to the wiki to improve this page. Thank you.

We're always looking for help in developing CherryMusic. If you want to contribute, you're one of our favorite people!

Here are some things you could do:

Report issues and feature requests

If you see something, say Hi.

Find anything wrong or missing? Make it an issue in our Github issue tracker! We're generally very quick to respond, and would sell our grandmothers' dentures to get the issue count to zero. In the meantime, we try to fix stuff as hard as possible. We also use funny emoji sometimes.

You get bonus points and our eternal gratitude if you find an existing issue that relates to your quest. You could add some information to it, or reference it in your own issue by including its issue number ("#123") in the text.

Interesting details for a bug report are:

Use the devel branch

In Soviet Russia, devel tracks you!

CherryMusic releases happen every other month if we're not procrastinating, and every month if we are. In the meantime, to stay on top of the latest developments, you're welcome you use the devel branch instead of a regular release. You get that branch by default if you checkout the Github project, because we figure that's what you're after. ;)

You're trading cutting-edge against stability, though, but aren't we all?

Edit the wiki

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If you think some helpful information is missing from our wiki, or if you find a mistake, feel free to remedy the situation. Simply click Edit Page and go, even if only a typo bothers you.

Pages are written in Markdown, and there's also some cool stuff you can do on a wiki page. You can press the M key on the editor page for your very own Markdown cheat sheet.

Write some code.

Hell yeah!

The coolest way to get a feature implemented is to do it yourself. We'll also be floored if you spot a bug with an easy fix and make the issue report a pull request. In any case, if you're into code spelunking*, the Development section is for you. It could also be interesting to Watch the Announcements: Developer issue.

Here's the basic workflow: - Fork ↝ Wrestle ↭ Test ↬ Pull request.

Hey, fork CherryMusic now!

Maintain a package for your OS

We love you.

CherryMusic can be easily run right after checking out the sources, but to run an actual server, it's much more convenient to use an OS-specific distribution package.

You run a CherryMusic server and are gorgeously in love with it? You're convinced other people will love it, too, if only they wouldn't have to figure out the other stuff all by themselves? And you'd like to help them out?

If so, we'd like to help you. Get in touch! The best way to do that around here is to open an issue, I guess.

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