A music streaming server written in python:
Stream your own music collection to all your devices!

  • ✓ free & open-source (GPL)
  • ✓ easy setup, download and go
  • ✓ blazingly fast search
  • ✓ share playlists with your friends

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CherryMusic 0.41.1 is out, get it now! It's really cool, I promise.

Free & Open Source

CherryMusic is completely free, you can get the source code from github and modify it to your will. It's released under a GPL license.

Easy Setup

After downloading CherryMusic, you must merely tell it where to look for your music. That's all. CherryMusic takes care of all the database bullshit and so on.


You can listen to your music on all HTML5 compliant devices, that includes your pretty smart phone (Android or iPhone) as well as just about any modern browser.


You can create accounts for your friends and share playlists. Just like ol'times, give away a cassette tape.

Search your music

CherryMusic has a built-in database, that will index your music. Find your favorite song in an instant!

Album Art

CherryMusic can automatically fetch the album cover art for all your music. But don't worry, we don't change anything in your collection.

CherryMusic is a standalone music server written in Python and based on CherryPy and jPlayer. It is intended to be an alternative to, Spotify, Grooveshark... you name it.

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